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Using "Invoice Supplies"

The Invoice Supplies function allows for receipt of purchase orders into an expense accounting category rather than into inventory. To navigate to this function, proceed to:

* From the Main Navigation screen Click: Purchasing icom
* Click: Orders Tab, the Open Orders screen is displayed
* In the Shortcut box, Click: [Invoice Supplies]

In opentaps the product type Supplies are products which are purchased and consumed without tracking inventory. For example, your company probably would not want to track how many pencils were purchased (unless you sold pencils), but would just want them to be purchased and the cost accounted as "Office Supplies" expense.

In opentaps, when products are set up with a type of "Supplies" and a purchase order is created in the Purchasing application, they will be created on the PO as "Supplies."

Then you can use the Purchasing > Orders >> [ Invoice Supplies ] screen to receive the supplies on an invoice. (You would not use the Warehouse > Inventory > [Receive Purchase Order] which is used for receiving when the item is for inventory stock.)

Once these supplies are received, a vendor invoice for them will be created in Financials, which you can locate as follows:

* Click: Financials icon > Payables Tab > [Find Vendor Invoices]
* Enter the Purchase Order ID or other data to locate the related invoices
* In the list of invoices displayed, select the one to display.

You can edit the invoice and change the items and prices or add additional charges such as shipping, then mark it ready to post it to the general ledger.

In opentaps version 1.4 or later, if you want a particular supplies product to be expensed to a different GL account than the default one, you can configure its product GL account for the type "EXPENSE" to the GL account you want.

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