Setting Up Suppliers

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Suppliers are organizations from whom you purchase products, supplies, and services. You can manage information about your suppliers, including contact information, agreements with your suppliers regarding payment terms, and general information such as tax identification numbers under the Supplier Screens.

The same organization could be set up as a supplier under the Purchasing application and an account under CRM. You can then use the same set of basic information for the organization, but create both sales orders and purchase orders. When these orders are invoiced, and then payments are received or sent out, opentaps will track a separate set of accounts receivable and accounts payable balances for such an organization.

Beginning in opentaps 1.4, suppliers' postal addresses can have a special purpose, "Purchase Order Delivery Address." Addresses with this purpose can be used as a "ship to" address on the purchase orders from this supplier, in addition to your organization's warehouses.

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