Edit Delivery Dates Screen

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If you need to navigate to the Edit Delivery Dates Screen, proceed as follows:

* From Main Navigation screen Click: Purchasing icon
* Click: Orders Tab
* The "Open Orders" screen opens.
* The Shortcuts box is displayed.
* In the Shortcuts box Click: [Estimated Delivery Date]
* The screen opens.

This screen allows you to edit the "Estimated Delivery Dates" field for any open purchase order. You can enter a Purchase Order ID or a Product ID that is a line item on your open purchase order, or use to lookup widget to find an ID.

If the information you entered leads to a valid purchase order for your organization and it is an open purchase order with status of Created, Approved, or Held, the system will show you a list of the open items on the purchase order and their current estimated delivery date (or blank if none has been set).

You can enter or change the delivery date here for each of the items. Once you are done, click on the [Update] button on the bottom, and the system will store the new delivery dates for you.