Handling Team Membership and Assignments

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Three Kinds of Teams

opentaps uses the Team Membership structure to manage Sales and Accounts, and also to manage Warehouse functions. These teams are separate and distinct with unique roles in the system.

The Sales and the Account Teams in CRM/SFA

For detailed information about managing Sales Teams, Account Teams, and Team Membership refer to the User Guide section Sales Teams and Account Teams.

For information about Team Assignments refer to the User Guide section Assign An Account Team.

For details about how to define a User who is also a Team Member refer to Creating_New_Team_Members.

Read this whole article in the User Guide for insight into how the various facilities of opentaps provide for a very effective teamwork environment, The opentaps Vehicle for Teamwork and Coordination

The Warehouse Teams

Warehouse teams, potentially one team for each Warehouse, are configured with unique members, security rules, and job authority categories.

For detailes about Warehouse Teams refer to the User Guide section Team Members.

For information about the unique configuration for Warehouse Team Members refer to the User Guide section Configuring the Warehouse Personnel.