Financials Home Screen

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This is the home screen of the Financials application and can be accessed at any time by clicking on the "My Home" tab in the Financials section. what you see on the screen would depend on what your security permissions have been set to. The screen is divided into "Receivables", "Payables", and "Balance Sheet". Under each section is a list of the most important GL accounts for that section and their current balances for your company.

There are also some helpful links, which can be used to navigate throughout the Financials section:

To the right of this display is a "Liquidity Snapshot" chart, which is designed to help you see your company's cash and liquid assets position at a glance. This chart shows the following:

  • Cash and equivalents: this is the balance in your bank settlement account, undeposited receipts, and receivables from credit cards
  • Receivables: this is your accounts receivables balance
  • Inventory: this is the sum of all your inventory accounts' values, including raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods inventories
  • Payables: this is the sum of of your Accounts Payable, commissioned due, and uninvoiced item receipts accounts

Also refer to the Finance Module pages, Your Company At a Glance -- Dashboard.