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This screen allows you to create or edit the bill of materials for the manufacturing of a product.

To access this screen from the main navigation page,
Click: [Purchasing] Icon > [Manufacturing] Tab > [Edit BOM] button
The Edit Bom Screen opens in the BOM Type "Manufacturing Bill of Materials" mode.
Note that BOM Type "Engineering Bill of Materials" mode is not used at this time.

Open, View, Create, Copy, or Simulate a BOM

Work with the top of screen box "Bill of Materials" product name(ID) and associated buttons to accomplish the following:

Viewing an Existing BOM

Enter a Product ID for the existing product in the box 
Click [Show BOM] to view the current BOM data.

Clicking the [Show BOM] button will show information about the components of this Product BOM for the Product ID you specified, and also the products of which this item is a component, if any.

Create a New BOM

Define the new product in the Catalog Manager and obtain a Product ID
Enter the Product ID for the new product in the Product ID box
Click [Show BOM] to open a new BOM screen.
When information is added to the screen using the following functions, the new BOM 
  is created and saved.

Copy an Existing BOM to a New Product BOM

Define the new product in the Catalog Manager and obtain a New Product ID.
Enter the Product ID for the existing product in the Product ID box.
Click [Show BOM] to open the existing product BOM screen.
Enter the new Product ID to receive a copy BOM into the To Product ID.
Click [Copy BOM] to copy the existing product BOM into the new BOM.
The system continues to display the existing product BOM after the copy is done. 
Enter the new Product ID into the box and Click: [Show BOM]
The copied BOM is displayed under the new Product ID BOM just opened.
Use the following Edit BOM functionality to modify the copied BOM as needed.

Simulate the Selected BOM

Open the existing BOM for viewing as described above.
Edit as needed, editing is described below.
Click: [Bom Simulation] to open the simulation screen.
Follow the procedure for using Bom Simulation Screen.

Adding Components or Editing the BOM

When you have opened the BOM for an existing or new BOM you can proceed with adding components or editing the current content. Add components to the BOM using the following fields in the Bill of Materials YourProductName box:

  • Bom Type - is the type of process you are analyzing (a "Manufacturing Bom", the Engineering Bom is not used in the current release).
  • Product ID - is a product you are manufacturing and for which you wish to edit the BOM. Enter the internal ID of the product manually or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • Product ID To - is the component (of the manufactured product) that you are adding or editing in this BOM.
  • From Date - (Will be set to now if empty) is the date from which the BOM component will be active.
  • Thru Date - is the date to which the BOM component will be active.
  • Sequence Num - is used to order the components in the BOM.
  • Reason - a comment field you can use to document changes or additions
  • Instruction - allows you to enter any relevant instructions for the manufacturing of the product.
  • Quantity - is the number of units of the product created or number of units of components required.
  • Scrap Factor % - is the percentage of the materials that is left over after the product is manufactured.
  • Formula - Select the formula for the Bom simulation to use (for example, "Example bom formula (qty * k)" or "Bom formula for linear components") using the drop down menu.
  • Routing Task - an optional entry, if specified the component is not issued to production until this task is starting during the manufacturing process, otherwise the component is issued when the first task of the production Routing (manufacturing process) is started
  • Only for Routing - specifies an alternate routing. When an alternate routing is used, this BOM contains two complete sets of parts, one for the default routing and another marked for the alternate routing to use. If specified this component of the manufactured product is used only with the specified alternate routing. This part becomes one line item of the components of the alternate BOM (the set of all the alternate parts must be listed with this alternate routing entered), see Using Alternate Bom.

Saving the Edited Data

Click the [Add] button at the bottom of the page to save the data you have entered.

Edit or Delete Current Components in the BOM

The list of current components of the BOM is listed in the lower box called "Components of this Product". Each line item can be reviewed in its own BOM by clicking the Product ID or Product Name column. Each line item can be deleted from the BOM with the line item [Delete] button. Use the [Edit] button to modify some entries for the listed part.

Where-Used-List Information Box

The where-used-list is found in the bottom box of this page called the "This Product is a Component of" box. If the Product ID of the opened BOM is used as a component in another product -- listed in another product's BOM -- then each such listing is shown as a line in this where-used-list. While an additional item cannot be added here, any current where-used-listing can be deleted. Remove the product of the currently opened BOM from use as a component in the product found in the where-used-list with the line item [Delete] button.

(Alternately, you could have opened the BOM for the product in the where-used-list and removed any component listed there in the usual way.)