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Introduction to BOM Simulation

To access the BOM Simulation from the Main Navigation screen,
Click: Purchasing Icon > Manufacturing Tab > The BOM Simulation screen opens
There is also a Shortcut button on this page for [BOM Simulation]

This screen allows you to run a bill of materials simulation for a product you are manufacturing. The BOM simulation is a model of what a real production run will do, and what it will cost. The simulator collects information from the BOM, and Routings for the product you wish to model.

The simulation is useful because it provides the following summary of information at any time you need it, without resorting to a spreadsheet, and without looking up any inventory records or historical records on production runs:

  • A graphical view of the product (BOM) structure showing all the parts on each level of the product assembly (in the exploded view).
  • The quantity of parts required on each level of the assembly.
  • The total quantity of each part used across all levels of the BOM.
  • A Standard Costing estimate of the value of each part times the quantity used.
  • The quantity of inventory on hand for each part versus the quantity required.
  • A BOM link to each part used so that editing of its BOM can be done quickly.
  • Simulation for a future date can be specified if assumptions different from today's are being evaluated.

Using the standard costing capability of simulation

Go to the catalog page for each component, and then to the costs tab for the component and
Enter your standard costing estimates for materials, labor, and other costs which will 
  be used in the simulator.  
During a real production run you can choose the type of costs to use, either 
  actual costs or standard costs.

Running the Simulator

Enter the appropriate information into the following fields to set up your simulation:

  • Product ID - This is the Product ID you wish to simulate. Enter the Product ID of the product or seach for it using the lookup widget.
  • Bom Type - This is the type of process you are analyzing, enter "Manufacturing Bom"
  • From Date - Enter the date that you are simulating, which may be a future date where some of your assumptions stored in the system may be different from today's values.
  • Routing Id - If a routing corresponding to an alternate BOM is given, the BOM simulation will reflect that. See Using Alternate Bom.
  • Quantity - Enter the number of manufactured units that you are simulating.
  • Amount - Enter the cost per unit of the product if you want the report to contain a specific value for this item, rather than a standard cost value you have saved.
  • Type - Select the type of Bom report you are running (for example, "Explosion" or "Single Level Explosion") using the drop down menu.
  • Facility ID - This is the name and internal ID of your facility which is manufacturing the product. Select the relevant facility using the drop down menu. This may influence the costs and inventory data used in the BOM report.
  • Currency Uom Id - This is the currency type for the costs of your materials. Select the appropriate currency using the drop down menu.
* Click: the [Submit] button to run the Bom report.  
* Clicking on the [Edit] button on the Bom report will take you to the 
     Edit Bom Screen for the line item.  
* Clicking the product ID or unit cost will take you to the catalog manager application
     of Opentaps where you can edit the product details.