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About Customer Returns

Customers can request returns from the Web Store, ecommerce store front end, or you can request a return for the customer in the CRM application's Orders tab. Returns can only be created for orders in the system. If you need to give the customer a refund or credit for items which were not ordered in the system, you would need to create a credit memo in Financials section of opentaps.

Customer Returns via Web Store

If an order has not been packed for shipment yet, then the Customer can cancel the order, or line items in the order via the Web Store [Order History] button on the header line at the top of the Store pages.

Each order line item has a three buttons on the "Order History" page for this:

  • [Reason]
  • [Comment]
  • [Cancel]

If the order has already shipped, the Customer cannot cancel through their Web Store order history page, instead they must contact the Store by phone or other means to request Cancellation processing. This is necessary to permit coordination of a return authorization, to schedule the return shipping, and possibly to initiate other manual processing.

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Returns Processed via [CRM Module] > [Orders Tab]

When creating a return in the CRM system, you can set whether the items are to be refunded or given a store credit. You can also control whether to refund or credit shipping charges and adjustments. The system will perform an automatic check to make sure that this return credit or refund, plus past return credits or refunds, do not exceed the value of the original order.

Once a return is created, a supervisor with special privileges in CRM must approve the return.

The processing of returns is determined by the configuration of the CRM module:

  • It can be set to receive the returned merchandise automatically or require a manual receiving step.
  • Once the return is received, a credit memo is created automatically. The credit memo is a financial record of the return items which are received, similar to the way an invoice is a financial record of order items which are shipped.

You can find credit memos in the [Financials] > [Payables] >> [Find Credit Memos] screen. After the credit memo is created, if the return is for a refund:

  • Either a check is created or, if the original payment is made with a credit card, an automatic refund is made via the payment processor.

If the return is for store credit:

  • Then an entry would be made to the customer billing account, so that it could be used for future purchases.

Processing Returns - Step By Step

Refer to the User Manual page Processing Product Returns for step-by-step guidance.