Currency Configuration Overview

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Currency options in opentaps

Currency options in opentaps are found in several places that provide a lot of flexibility for the way you conduct business. The following is a summary of where the currency options are configured, all references are to the online documentation wiki topics about this subject:

1. General currency default for the opentaps instance you are running is found at,

Localizing for Time Zone, Currency, Governmental Units, Etc

2. Configuration of currency for the General Ledger of your company is found at,


3. Configuring the default currency for a customer Account is found at,


4. Configure the default currency for a Store is found at,


Note: On the web pages for the Store, this configurable parameter is located in 
the section labeled (+) Localisation.

Manual Pages > Login Timeout Settings

Section Pages > Accounting, Ledger, Payment Methods, Time Periods, Taxation Entities, Initial Values