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To configure a Store, from the Main Navigation screen, proceed as follows:
Click: Catalog Icon > Stores Tab, the Product Store list opens, which is a table showing your
  existing Stores, and can be used to select one for editing.
Click: any Store Name (ID) in the table to edit all the properties of a working store. 
The "Store For your_store_name page" opens to the [Store] sub-tab showing a long list of store 
  attributes and several more tabs for administering different characteristics of that store.

On the [Store} sub-tab page, the following store attributes are provided for configuration of general Store properties:

  • Primary Store Group ID -- What group, if any, this store belongs to. Stores can be grouped together and then a unique product price can be defined for each store. This field can be left blank if there are no store groups set up. Store groups must be set up by the Technical System Administrator using Main Navigation page > Webtools Icon > Webtools Tab > [Entity Data Maintenance] link.
  • Store Name, Company name, Title, Sub-Title. Store related names and slogans used for display on the product store's website.
  • Pay to Party Id -- The Party Group in your company for store sales transaction accounting, like payments.
  • Days to Cancel Non Pay -- There is an automated service that can be scheduled (see Job Scheduler in Webtools) nightly to cancel orders which have not been paid. This defines how many days an order can be outstanding and unpaid before it is canceled. A value of zero here will leave all orders open indefinitely.
  • Prorate Shipping -- Controls whether shipping charges from an order are billed fully to the first invoice of an invoice, or whether it is pro-rated on each invoice.
  • Prorate Taxes -- Controls whether taxes for an order are billed fully to the first invoice of an invoice, or whether it is pro-rated on each invoice.
  • View Cart On Add -- Controls whether the Customer or internal user of a web site will be shown the current shopping cart immediately after adding a product to the cart.
  • Auto Save Cart --
  • Auto Approve Reviews -- If the site allows users to enter product reviews, this controls whether the reviews must be approved or whether they are automatically shown on the site.
  • Is Demo Store -- If the web site is a demo store any email routing goes to a demo store address which is configured in ????.
  • Is Immediately Fulfilled -- ????
  • Inventory Facility Id -- The inventory storage facility for the products sold on the store, and for the inventory accounting transactions.
  • One Inventory Facility -- The system will use one (Y) or more (N) inventory facilities for the Store.
  • Check Inventory -- Once an order is taken, this causes the store to check for inventory availability, and ????
  • Reserve Inventory - Causes inventory to be reserved if available for items ordered in the store, and then allows Shipments to be created, and various order items to be assigned to the Shipments later. If there is no inventory on hand, new inventory items with negative quantities will be created for handling by the replenishment process (including any backup warehouse supply). Reserved inventory, which may still be on hand, is no longer available for other orders.
  • Require inventory -- If set to (Y) products will automatically become unavailable when there is no inventory in the primary ???? facility.
  • Reserve Order Enum ID -- Select how inventory should be selected for reservations from these options:
    • FIFO Expire – InventoryItem with earliest expireDate is reserved first.
    • FIFO Received (default) – Inventory items are reserved based on the date time received flag of Inventory Item. The earliest received item is reserved first.
    • Greater Unit Cost – InventoryItem with the highest unitCost is reserved first.
    • LIFO Expire – InventoryItem with the latest expireDate is reserved first.
    • LIFO Received – InventoryItem with latest date time received flag is reserved first.
    • Lesser Unit Cost – InventoryItem with the lowest unitCost is reserved first.

Note: the unit cost reservation methods do not do currency conversions.

  • Requirement Method Enum -- Used to specify a default inventory requirements creation rule for the Store, when the requirement rule is not specified in the product specific data. Refer to Requirements for a complete discussion. If you use Material Resource Planning (MRP) then select "No Requirement Created" for this item.
  • Order Number Prefix -- All orders placed on this Store will be prefixed by this string, which is useful for grouping orders from multiple stores.
  • Default locale string -- Default locale, for language, number, and currency formats.
  • Default Currency Uom ID -- Currency for the store transactions.
  • Default sales channel -- Specify the default sales channel for the store orders, can be specified on each order as needed.
  • Allow Password -- ????
  • Default Password -- ????
  • Explode Order Items -- ????
  • Check Gc Balance -- ????
  • Retry Failed Auths -- Determines whether failed charge card authorizations will be retried automatically.
  • Header, Item, and Authorization Status Labels -- Specifies what the order header, order items status, and payment authorization status labels will display, when they are approved, declined, or canceled. These ten drop down boxes provide message options for each case.
  • Style Sheet, Header Logo, and Background Links -- These links point to the style sheet, header logo, and background images to be used on the opentaps integrated Store web-site when it is being used.
  • Show Prices with VAT -- Useful in countries where the price includes VAT. Set to (N) in the United States, where prices exclude sales tax.

???? All these other items require further definition for the documentation. . .

Use Primary Email Username

Require Customer Role

Auto Invoice Digital Items

Req Ship Addr For Dig Items

Show Checkout Gift Options

Select Payment Type Per Item

Show Prices With Vat Tax

Show Tax Is Exempt

Vat Tax Auth Geo Id Lookup

Vat Tax Auth Party Id Lookup

Enable Auto Suggestion List

Enable Digital Product Upload

Prod Search Exclude Variants

Dig Prod Upload Category Id Lookup

Auto Order Cc Try Exp

Auto Order Cc Try Other Cards

Auto Order Cc Try Later Nsf

Auto Order Cc Try Later Max

Store Credit Valid Days

Auto Approve Invoice

Auto Approve Order

Ship If Capture Fails

No Ship On Drop Ship Groups

Allow Do Not Ship Orders

Default Shipment Method Type Id

Default Shipping Carrier Party Id

Bill To Third Party Id

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