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The "Create Account" screen is divided into the following sections:

Basic Account Details

Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:

  • Account Name - This is the name you are assigning to the account, and is a required field to create the account.
  • Parent Account - This optional field can be used to indicate a parent account for the account you are creating. You can enter the account ID manually or search for it using the [[lookup widget].
  • Local Name - This is the name of the account in its local language, if it is different from the general account name.
  • Site Name - Descriptive name of the physical location of the account. Not used by the system anywhere else right now.
  • Preferred Currency - This indicates the preferred currency for the account. Select the currency from the drop down menu. The default is set during CRM/SFA Configuration.
  • First/Last Name - This is the full name of the contact, and is a required field to create the lead.
  • Source - This specifies how the lead was generate, for example: "Trade Show" or "Cold Call". Select the source from the drop down menu.
  • Marketing Campaign - This indicates any marketing campaign that has been applied to the lead. Select any relevant marketing campaign from the drop down menu.
  • Initial Team - This indicates the sales team that first brought in the account. Select the team from the drop down menu.
  • Description- This information field allows you to detail any further information about the lead.
  • Important Note - This information field allows you to note high priority information about the lead. This information will be shown during order entry.
  • The following input fields are to record additional information for your benefit:
    • Annual Revenue - This is the annual revenue of the company the lead is associated with.
    • Industry - This is the general industry of the account, for example: "Aerospace" or "Health Care". Select the industry from the drop down menu.
    • Number of Employees - This indicates the number of employees and the company the account is associated with.
    • Ownership - This describes the structure of the account's ownership, for example: "LLC", or "Sole Proprietorship". Select the applicable ownership description from the drop down menu.
    • SIC Code - The Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code of the account.
    • Ticker Symbol - This is the stock symbol for the company associated with the account, if the account's company is publicly traded.

Contact Information

  • Country Code - This is the relevant country code for the account's primary phone number. The default is set to the value configured in CRM/SFA Configuration.
  • Area Code - This indicates the relevant area code for the account's phone number.
  • Phone Number - This is the seven digit phone number for the account.
  • Extension - This is an extension to direct your call to your contact at the account.
  • Person to Ask For - Should the contact at the account not have a direct line, this will indicate a name to direct your call to the appropriate person.
  • Email address - This is the primary email address for the account.
  • Web URL - This is the primary web address for the account.

Primary Address

This section allows you to enter the account's primary mailing address. This address will be stored as the general correspondence address, shipping address, and billing address. The country of the address is by default set to the value configured in CRM/SFA Configuration.