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Configuring the CRM/SFA Application

Notification Emails

Notification emails can be configured and sent when the following events take place:

  • When people are added or removed from activities or events
  • When people are assigned to leads and accounts
  • When catalog requests have been successfully fulfilled

To configure the notifications, you should edit the file hot-deploy/crmsfa/config/ This file configures the from email address, subject of the emails, the screen widget template for the notification emails, and URL to access the CRMSFA application. The default notification emails are fairly simple but could be customized to your needs.

You can configure separate from emails for each type of notification, or use the common "from" property at the top for all of them.

Note that notification emails are only send to internal CRMSFA users, such as team members and customer service representatives.

For fulfilled catalog requests, an email could be sent to the customer who had originally requested the catalog. To turn this feature off, set the property to "false" in The email subject, body and "from" email address are also configured here by the properties,,

Configuring the Purchasing Application