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Creating the Team

To create a new sales team starting from the main navigation page take this path:

1 Click: CRM > Teams > [Create Team] or [New Team] in one of the Shortcuts boxes.
2 Enter a name for your team, and use the "Comments" box if it is displayed.
3 Click: [Create Team] or [Create]. The View Team page opens with your new team displayed.

You are automatically included in the team if you created it, but you can remove yourself and assign other people as needed, and you can make changes at any time that revision is desired.

4 Add members of your new team by filling in the "New Team Member" box with the Profile ID 
of the person to be assigned, as follows: 
You can either enter their opentaps profile ID number (this is not their User ID) 
or you can use the lookup button to search for this profile ID number using their real name. 
5 Select their team role from the "Role" drop down box, then Click: [Add]
6 To change a members information use the [Update] button to change their team role.
7 To remove a member use the [Remove] button in the "Team Members" box beside their listing.

That completes the creation of a new team, which is now displayed on the View Team Screen.

Note: Remember that only specific job roles will have access to the CRM applications, and only people with such roles can be assigned to your team. The system checks for the roles that will work and it will send you an error message if you pick someone who cannot access the CRM tab. Further, your team members must have specific Security Group assignments in their User ID as described in this manual page, Creating New Team Members.

Editing the Team Name

On the View Team page you can Edit the team name or change the stored comment about the team like this, Click: CRM > Teams [Edit] The edit page opens.

Deactivating A Team

If you no longer need the team to be active, you can deactivate it, Click: CRM > Teams [Deactivate]. Once this is done the team is no longer functional and it cannot be restored to active status. You would have to recreate it with a different name in order to make that team active again.

Creating New Team Members < User Manual Pages > View Team Screen

Working with Partners < Tabs Pages > Managing Sales