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Introduction to Backup Warehouses

opentaps allows you to configure backup warehouses, so that during Material Resources Planning, if a part is out of stock in the main warehouse, the system will automatically create inventory transfers from a backup warehouse to fulfill the shortfall.

You can configure as many backup warehouses as you need and create purchase orders which are shipped to the backup warehouses. Then you receive inventory into them, and transfer inventory from them to a main warehouse or another backup warehouse.

Your backup warehouses could be owned by your company or by one of your suppliers. If a warehouse is owned by a supplier, the general ledger will account for the cost of the inventory located there when you transfer some of it to your own facility.

Configure a Backup Warehouse

To configure a backup warehouse for use with Material Resource Planning (MRP) and other Inventory operations, proceed as follows:

*  Using the procedure in Warehouse Setup, name and Create the  warehouses you use both primary and backup.
   required before starting this configuration step.
*  Open this page from Main Navigation screen: Purchasing Icon > Planning Tab
*  Click: [Configure Warehouses] button, the Configure Warehouses Screen opens

Navigate into the opentaps Setup pages:

Next, follow the steps provided on the Configure Warehouses Screen.

Manual pages >> Configure Warehouses Screen

Section pages >> Setup for opentaps email Handling

Navigate into the opentaps Fulfillment pages:

Manual pages >> View Warehouse

Shipping Tab << Tab pages

Shipping Processes << Section pages >> Warehouses Organization