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When you have orders of any status in the opentaps system, that you need to access, opentaps provides three ways to find the ones you need:

  • List method -- opening the Orders Tab takes you to the My Orders screen which lists all of your active orders
  • Search method -- for finding any order in the system based upon a wide range of descriptive terms, Find Orders works from the customer, the product, the status and other options
  • Priority method -- the Orders Queue presents active orders in a priority sequence that you define for yourself

To open these pages from the main navigation (splash) screen,

*  Click: CRMSFA icon
*  Click: Orders Tab, this opens the My Orders Screen
*  In the Shortcuts box click any one of these buttons [My Orders], [Find Orders], or
   [Order Queue]

My Orders presents a flexible tabular format that can be sorted by the order date, name, P.O. number, customer, status, or amount, making the table a quick way to find many orders you want to review. You can click on any order in the list to open the View Order Screen. This list includes your active orders having status of "Created", "Processing", "Approved", or "Held". Refer to My Orders Screen.

Find Orders is the search function for Orders. It uses the following optional entries to search for your order:

  • Order ID (internal or external)
  • Order Name
  • Customer and/or your Store Name
  • Order Status
  • Customer's purchase order number
  • Order creation date, and due date
  • Originator of the order (your personnel)
  • A Lot number in your inventory
  • A serial number in your inventory

The search function may bring up your order or a list of candidates from which you can choose the correct order, and Click on it to open the View Order Screen. Refer to the Find Orders Screen.

Order Queue is a tabular list of your orders that you have filtered to show either "all open orders" or "all approved orders" and you can also filter for only orders containing a particular product if needed.

When your list of "all open orders" is displayed, you can prioritize the sequence by dragging the line entries (using the green arrow symbol to move them) to any desired position in the list. This establishes the priority within your list.

Then when you Click [Save and Refresh] at the bottom of the list, the system will establish your modified priority, and it will re-reserve inventory in your new priority sequence thereby allocating any limited inventory to the highest priority orders you have established.

On this screen (filtered or not) you can edit the "Ship By Date" on any listed Order without opening each one, and you can [Save and Refresh] the results. Refer to the Order Queue Screen.

Creating New Orders < User Manual Pages > Edit or Cancel an Order

The Quotes Tab < Tabs Pages > Working with Partners