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[[]] << Manual Pages >> [[]]
[[Your_Customer%27s_Online_Shopping_Experience]] << Manual Pages >> [[Web_Store_Homepage_Layout]]
[[Your_Customer%27s_Online_Shopping_Experience]] << Section Pages >> [[Marketing_Functionality_in_the_Online_Web-Site_Store]]
[[Your_Customer%27s_Online_Shopping_Experience]] << Section Pages >> [[Marketing_Functionality_in_the_Online_Web-Site_Store]]

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Basic store layout and navigation properties are largely determined by the default configuration of system files containing the html, xml, or CSS programming and style sheets. (Those items are customizable by programmers as we will discuss in the last part of this chapter.)

Most of the properties and values on Web Store pages that can be easily specified by the system (non-technical) Administrator or the Users are configured on the Catalog Manager pages of opentaps and usually in either the Products sections, or the Store sections.

In the next few sections, we will discuss the home page layout, and several examples of the Product page layouts, using pages taken from the opentaps Demo Catalog which is provided in the system installation package. (If the Demo Catalog is not installed, you can ask your Administrator about it's availability or you can just refer to the figures provided here.)

Your_Customer's_Online_Shopping_Experience << Manual Pages >> Web_Store_Homepage_Layout

Your_Customer's_Online_Shopping_Experience << Section Pages >> Marketing_Functionality_in_the_Online_Web-Site_Store