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Creating your facilities is part of the configuration performed by a System Administrator for your opentaps system. Creation of a new facility is accomplished using a section of the system which is located at the following address on your opentaps server:

 (Example of the address might be this type of URL: 

There is an end-user method, that does not require System Administrator assistance, for creating a backup warehouse facility which is described in Backup Warehouses.

To create a new (primary or backup) warehouse facility proceed as follows,

*  Using your system URL, open the /facility/control/login page and log in to the system 
*  The "Facility Manager Application" screen opens
*  The screen displays the Facilities List of all your current facilities 
     (stores and warehouses).
*  Click: [Create New Facility] the Facility (ID:) screen opens with a blank ID 
**  Select the Facility Type ID from the drop down box = "Warehouse"
**  Enter or look up the Owner = a unit of your company, or a Supplier
     who is listed in your system under Purchasing > Suppliers Tab
** Optionally enter a Default Weight Unit
** Select Default Inventory Item Type either serialized on non-serialized
** Supply a Name for your new facility
** Optionally enter a Square Footage value for the facility
** Enter a Description if desired
** Enter the Default (lead time) Days To Ship from this facility after a request.
*  Click: [Update] to create the facility

No other entries are required in this section of the system, at this time.

For configuration of backup warehouses, refer to Backup Warehouses.

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