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The Return Details Screen

This screen shows the details of the return. There are the following buttons which are available based on the status of the return:

  • [Accept]: Accept the return. Only shown to users with the required permission.
  • [Cancel]: Cancel the return. Only shown to users with the required permission.
  • [Edit]: Edit the return.
  • [PDF]: Prints the return as a PDF
  • [Schedule Pickup]: Schedules a pickup for the return from the customer with a carrier. Only appears when the return meets specific criteria (see below)

The screen is divided into two parts. The top part shows the general information about the return:

  • Return ID - Unique ID of the return. You can later find this return by this ID.
  • Status - Current status of the return
  • Customer - Name and ID of the customer
  • Returned From - Drop down showing the customers' addresses for the return
  • Returned To - Drop down of the warehouses where this item could be returned.
  • Store Credit Account - Specify either an existing store credit account or a new one for the store credits issued for the return.
  • Return Service - Specific carrier service to use when scheduling a pickup from the customer. Values are defined in the CarrierReturnService entity. The default is no service (Customer will Return Package) - a return service must be selected to schedule a pickup.
  • Pickup Phone Number - Phone number for the pickup address. Required in order to schedule a pickup.
  • Estimated Weight - Weight for the return package. Required in order to schedule a pickup.

The lower part shows the return items. If you have just created the return it will show a list of items from the order which could still be returned. You can change the quantities and return prices and use the checkboxes to control whether the items should be returned or not. The field for "Reason" is for you to track why products are being returned. The field for "Processing" can be used to select whether the customer will receive a refund, store credit, or an exchange or replacement for this item. If you want to deduct any promotional discounts from the amount refunded or credited to your customer, or if you want to refund your customer's shipping charges as well, make sure you include them here.

Click on [Return Selected Items] to return the items you have selected.

Return Selected Items

Once you have chosen the items to return, the lower part of the screen will show the items to be returned. You can edit the items and remove them to finalize your return.

Schedule A Pickup As Required

The [Schedule Pickup] button will be visible if the following conditions are met:

  • The return is in the Requested state (not yet accepted or cancelled)
  • The return has at least one return item
  • The Returned From, Returned To, Pickup Phone Number and Estimated Weight fields are filled in
  • The Return Service field has a value other than 'Customer will Return Package' selected
  • A pickup has not yet been scheduled for the return

After a pickup has been scheduled using the [Schedule Pickup] button, the Return Service, Pickup Phone Number and Estimated Weight fields will no longer be editable, the [Schedule Pickup] button will no longer be visible, and new information will appear:

  • Return Shipment (ID of the shipment created for the pickup from the customer)
  • Carrier/Shipment Method (defined in CarrierReturnService)
  • Return Shipment Tracking Code (Carrier tracking code of the return shipment)

At this point the pickup has been scheduled with the carrier (and accepted if necessary, depending on carrier) and the customer will be contacted by the carrier. The return should be accepted when the shipment arrives, just as if the customer had returned the package by their own means.

Accept the Return

When your returned merchandise is received you will change the status of your Return to "Received" and proceed with issuing the refunds.

*  Click: [Accept]

What happens after you accept the return will depend on the processing flag set for each return item:

  • Refund will cause a refund to the original credit card. If this fails because the card is no longer valid or because the payment processor's allowed time frame for refunds has passed, or if the original payment was not made by a credit card, a check will be issued in the "not paid" state. Go to the Financials > Payables >> Find Payment to look for payments of the type "Customer Refund" and status "not paid".
  • Store credit will cause a credit to be issued to a customer billing account. You can specify whether to create a new account or add it to an existing billing account. You can find the billing accounts in Financials > Receivables >> Find Customer Billing Accounts.
  • Replacement will cause a new order to be created for the items returned. When you go back to your order again, you will see "Link to Order XXXX" under the order items which are replaced. The new order can be found with its ID number. It will have the same items but with an order adjustment for the full value of the order, resulting in a net amount of 0. The order can then be packed, shipped, and invoiced as usual.

Refer to User Manual pages Processing Product Returns or Customer Returns.