Upgrading from opentaps 0.9 to opentaps 1.0

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Some additional data is required as you upgrade from opentaps 0.9 to opentaps 1.0. The following scripts are available to help you fill in that data:

  • To fill in the from and to party IDs on the OrderHeader entity, run the hot-deploy/opentaps-common/scripts/tools/fillOrderHeaderParties.bsh script after setting your company's party ID first.
  • To convert existing customers to opentaps CRM accounts and contacts, create a new team member and then run hot-deploy/opentaps-common/scripts/tools/convertOfbizParties.bsh with this new team member's userLoginId as the assignToUserLoginId.
  • Fill in ship groups that have been completed by running hot-deploy/opentaps-common/scripts/tools/fillInCompletedShipGroups.bsh
  • Create an inventory item value history by running hot-deploy/opentaps-common/scripts/tools/fillInInventoryItemValueHistory.bsh

These scripts can be run from the beanshell container of the ofbiz framework. See "A Word about Beanshell"