Shopping Lists, Quick Add List, and Shopping Cart Persistence

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More Shopping Facilities

Features that make it easier to process previously viewed or selected items into the Shopping Cart during a session are described in the following articles.

Because these functions require the system to remember information about specific shoppers, the functions are available only to Registered Customers who have Logged into the system.

Shopping Lists

Refer to the figure on this page, above item (d), Shopping_Cart_Functionality#d_-_.5BShopping_Lists.5D_button The [Shopping Lists] link is also presented at the top of the Main Web Store page and the Shopping Cart page. Shopping Lists are created by the Customer using the [Shopping Lists] link.

To make or edit a Shopping List

Click the [Shopping Lists] link. Then, in the "Shopping Lists" box,

* Click: the desired list in the drop down menu box, and Click: [Edit], or 
* To create a new list Click: [Create New] on the box header line.
A Shopping List Detail box opens providing for definition of the list you opened.

Definition of the list includes these items:

  • List Name -- Name your list anything you like.
  • Description -- Enter a list description
  • List Type -- There are several types of lists including these:
    • Automatic Reorders -- Refer to the "Shopping List Reorder" box that accompanies this Type of List.
    • Frequent Purchases -- You use this list of items frequently.
    • Gift Registry -- A Gift Registry is visible to other site users who can make purchases from the list.
    • Special Purpose
    • Wish List
  • Public? -- Specify if you want your list to be publicly visible.
  • Active? -- Specify Active if you want your list to become functional, or automated by the system.
  • Parent List -- If your list has a top level "Parent" specify that in this field.

To add items to the Shopping List

Use the "Quick Add to Shopping List" box as follows:

* Enter the Product ID in the first box (no label provided)
* Enter a Quantity in that box,
* Click: [Add to Shopping List]

Your added Items appear in the "List Items" box above. The Shopping List total price appears in the "Shopping List Total Price" box.

To Use the "Items List" box

With these entries, you can do any of the following,

  • Change the number in the "Quantity" field, and Click: [Update]
  • Click: [Remove] to eliminate the Item from this copy of the list.
  • Click: [Add All to Cart] to Check out with all items,
  • Click: [Add 1 to Cart] to add just one Line Item to the Cart
  • Sometimes you may see a [Replace with Variations] drop down box where you can change the variation of a Line Item before you add it to the Cart.

Using Automatic Reordering

In the "Shopping List Reorder" box that opens with this Type of list, select and specify the reordering parameters for this list:

  • Recurrence -- select either a recurrence period or a frequency
  • Start Date -- specify the start date if it isn't "now".
  • End date -- specify the end date for recurrence if any is known.
  • Ship To -- select one of the shipping addresses that you have already entered in the Company Profile page (refer to Party *Manager Application, Create_Your_Own_Organization).
  • Ship Via -- select the shipping method after your address is specified.
  • Pay By -- select the payment method
  • Save New Address -- enter a new shipping address if necessary
  • New Credit Card -- enter a new payment credit or EFT account as needed.
  • New EFT Account
* When finished, you must Click: [Save] to record your entries.

Quick Add Functions

There are actually two different functions on the Shopping Cart screen that are labeled "Quick Add", and they are not the same thing. We will explain the function of each one.

Quick Add Box

If you already know the Product ID for something you want to add to the Shopping Cart, you can use the Quick Add feature that is in the "Quick Add Box" at the top of the Shopping Cart page.

  • Just enter the Product ID that you already know,
  • Enter a quantity to order,
  • Click: [Add to Cart]

[Quick Add] Link

This link is in the top header bar of the Shopping Cart Page and is labeled "Quick Add" (just like the previous function). However, this link makes use of the special Product Category "Quick Add" that can be defined in any of your Product Catalogs.

When you Click the [Quick Add] link, a box opens on the page, displaying the contents of the "Quick Add" Category of Products for the Catalog that is currently selected.

There may be several Products listed in the box, matching whatever was defined in this Catalog's special Category called "Quick Add". (For a definition of how this is set up refer to Create_or_Edit_a_Catalog#Editing_the_Catalog_Definition.)

Using Quick Add:

  • Enter a Quantity of the Quick Add Line Item to purchase
  • Leave the Quantity blank if none are to be purchased
  • Click: [Add All to Cart] to put all items with a quantity into the Cart.
Note: As usual, if the Store requires inventory for an item before
it can be purchased (refer to Store setup) then only items in Quick
Add that are in stock can be moved into the Cart. 

This completes the use of Quick Add Link.

Shopping Cart Persistence

Please refer to the following article for information about the Shopping Cart Persistence feature: Shopping_Cart_Functionality#About_Shopping_Cart_Persistence

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