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Your own organization defined in opentaps includes one top level party representing your company, and possibly some internal sub-units or groups within the organization that are tracked for operational reasons like costs, or inventory.

opentaps provides for accounting that you will configure to support the organizational structure and your business model, including the chart of accounts, and the general ledger. The system can then provide extensive views of the real-time status of your business like inventory, orders, cash, plus it provides traditional business reports like balance sheet, and profit/loss.

Of course your own organization defines your people, the (job) roles they perform, and the limitations on people's access to process, information, and transactions.

Thus, it is important to include the proper information in the user profile sections on roles and security groups. In the next section we discuss this in more detail, using CRM job categories for our examples.

Manual Pages > Create Your Company, Step-By-Step

Section Pages > Accounting, Ledger, Payment Methods, Time Periods, Taxation Entities, Initial Values