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The businesses that use opentaps as their business operations vehicle, and as their teamwork venue for coordination of the business activities will find that they have three unique groups of people who need information about opentaps.

End User Sections First, there are the end users of the business operations processes, and the teamwork processes. They want to know how to use the opentaps user screens to accomplish their business processing job assignments. These business end users can usually ignore the special sections identified next. In addition to this User Manual, this group may be directed to the Reference Manual for information about specific screens that they may be using. (Info about all the user screens is provided in the Reference Manual.)

Administrator Sections Second, there are a smaller number of people who are the non-technical system administrators whose interest is the set of configuration choices available in the various process tabs(that is, the main application section tabs). They will use these configuration capabilities to accommodate the first set of users with log-in names and passwords, with authority to perform specific processing tasks assigned by management, with configuration of the various processes with your unique business assumptions, and other similar non-technical tasks. Special sections of this manual address their needs, and are identified as sections for ADMIN use.

Technical Support Sections Third, there are technical support personnel (or technical service provider personnel) who perform tasks like installing the system components and connecting them appropriately, configuring the system for secure operation on the internet, maintaining the system components as needed (including updates, and fixes), and various other technical tasks. Special sections of this manual address some of their needs, and are identified as sections for TECH use. In addition, technical personnel my be referred to the Testing Manual, and the Technical Reference manual for some of the information they need.

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