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The Login Screen

Access to the opentaps system, for business operations users, is provided by your Web Browser software that runs on your business computer (laptop or desktop). opentaps uses industry standard web pages designed to present all of the system functions in the windows of your standardized Web Browser.

Access to the opentaps server is usually provided by entering an address into the Web Browser address field, located in the browser's "Navigation Toolbar" at the top of each browser window.

The address you will need to use looks something like this:

where https provides your secure (encrypted) traffic flow to the server
"your-server-URL" is provided to you by your company's opentaps system administrator
"port-number" is provided by your company's opentaps system administrator
/opentaps/ opens the server to the main login page with the main navigation icons.

Ask your system administrator for all these details.

Your Username, Password, and Access Authority

To access opentaps and login you will also need to more items:

* your assigned opentaps Username 
* your assigned opentaps Password
These two items are provided by your company's opentaps system administrator.

Note: When you access opentaps in the next step, the Navigation Icons you see after
  you Login will be the ones you are authorized to access by your system administrator --
  who sets up the security and access permissions for your opentaps system.  Such
  access authority is dependent upon the job responsibility you have been assigned on the
  opentaps system by the company management team.

Now, access the system as follows:

* Make sure your work computer is connected to the company LAN or Wireless-LAN and 
     that you have internet access working.  Your Wireless-LAN should have encryption
     turned on.
* Start your Web Browser and open a blank window to use for accessing opentaps
* Enter the opentaps server address (URL) into the Browser address field.
* Click the Browser address "Go To" symbol, often an arrow, or press the Enter key. 
* The opentaps Login screen opens with the Login box on the left side and may also
     dislay the Main Navigation [Documentation] Icon, and the [eCommerce] Icon on 
     the right side.

At the top of this Login screen, and subsequent system screens that you will visit, a logo is presented in the upper left corner of the screen. This logo may be opentaps logo, or it may be your own Company logo, depending on the configuration that your system administrator has implemented.


* Enter your Username and Password in the "Login" box on the left side.
* Pay attention to the use of capital letters, if there are any present they must be used.
* Click: [Login]

The Main Navigation Screen

Now the Main Navigation screen is presented with all of the navigation Icons that you have currently been authorized to use. Your opentaps system administrator can modify the authorizations you have as directed by management.

The large Icons on this screen point to the major sections of the system, so you can click any of them to open those parts of the system, as directed in this User Guide.

Also, note that when you position your mouse pointer over one of the Icons, a text description of the meaning of the Icon is presented along the top line of the Main Navigation page. This is provided to assist in learning the full connotation of each graphic symbol -- the Main Navigation Icons.

The Main Navigation Screen is used as a reference point throughout this User Guide when instructions are given to open a screen located somewhere else in the system. Thus, the instructions say to begin navigating to the new screen on the Main Navigation screen itself.

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