Payment Methods Screen

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation page, proceed as follows:

Click: [Financials] Icon > [Configure] Tab > [Payment Methods] Shortcut button,
The "Payment Methods for. . ." screen opens.

This screen allows you to configure payment methods for use by your internal organization, thus the screen shows a list of the payment methods for your organization. These payment methods can be used by your organization to make payments of any kind.

  • NOTE: The payment Methods for use here must first be created using the following instructions, Create Payment Methods.

Each payment has a unique ID, a payment method type, a description, and a GL account associated with it. You can edit the description and GL accounts of your payment method. This will not retroactively changed the GL account for payments already made, but it will change it going for.

There are three payment method types which are used to cover all types of accounts, for example a regular business checking account will be configured as the type "EFT".

You can also add additional payment methods on the screen by specifying the payment method type, GL account, and an optional description.

Finally, you can set a default refund payment method for your company. This will be the payment method for customer refunds which are created automatically by the system, if the original order was not associated with an electronic payment such as credit cards.

Also refer to the link, Create Payment Methods for step by step discussion of the configuration.

For discussion of how the screens are used to make a payemtn, refer to the page, Make a Payment Screen.