Make a Payment Screen

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation page, proceed as follows:

Click: [Financials] Icon > [Payables] Tab > [Make a Payment to Party ID] link,
(on this last link, fill in the Party ID if you know it, or leave it blank)
The "Make a Payment" screen opens.

This screen allows you to make a payment. Enter the appropriate data into the following fields

  • Payment Type - Select the payment type (for example, "Vendor Payment") from the drop down menu.
  • Pay to Party - You may enter the internal party ID manually, or search for it using the lookup widget. If you have entered the party ID on the previous screen, it will automatically be applied to this field.
  • Payment Method Type - Select from the company's available payment methods from the drop down menu.
  • Amount - Enter the amount of the payment and select the currency from the drop down menu. Please note that the currency will be set to the organization's pre-configured default currency.
  • Effective Date - Enter the date that the transaction will be effective manually, or by using the calendar widget.
  • Comments - Enter any relevant comments into this optional field.
  • Check/Ref Num - Enter the check number, or the reference number of a credit card or EFT transaction.

Clicking the [Make Payment] button will record the payment in the system and take you to the View Payment Screen for this payment.

To configure the Payment Methods available to use on this screen, also refer to this link, Payment Methods Screen.