Localizing for Time Zone, Currency, Governmental Units, Etc

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This section covers configuration of localization parameters including:

  • Currency -- The default currency used in all transactions.
  • Organization-ID -- The Party ID of your internal organization, refer to Create Your Own Organization
  • Currency Format -- The standard format used for your currency, example: 1,234.74
  • Country -- The default country specified by the "geo Id" code. See the note below.
  • Time Zone -- The local time zone as an offset from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Configuration of these items is accomplished by editing a file in the opentaps server installation directory. Proceed as follows:

* Navigate to the opentaps installation directory on your server.
* Open the file located at: /framework/common/config/general.properties
* Locate the line items to configure each of these items.

Note: The # symbol in this file indicates that the line is a comment. You need to edit the line following such comments, which contains the item you are configuring.

Note: The valid "Geo ID" codes for use in configuring the default country can be displayed in the opentaps online application at this location:

* From the Main Navigation page, 
* Click: [Webtools] Icon, the "Framework Web Tools" page opens.
* Under Entity Engine Tools heading, Click: [Entity Data Maintenance] link
* In the alphabetical list of entities displayed, locate the "Geo" entry.
* On the Geo line entry, Click: [All] to view the Geo items.
* Use the search criteria such as Name to locate the specific Geo you need. 
* Use the displayed "geo Id" to configure the default geographic unit in the
     general.properties file discussed above.

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