Introduction to the Installation Process

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Quick and Easy Evaluation Installations

For evaluation testing purposes, it can be very easy to get an opentaps system running on a variety of platforms, like this: (For details on this installation see the following section on Hardware Server Guidelines, and then General Installation of Opentaps.

  • Install the Java "SDK" release needed for your test computer, from the Java community software download site.
  • Download the pre-built opentaps release from the software distribution site, [opentaps download site]
  • Unpack the opentaps download into a directory on your operating system.
  • Point your operating system to the directory you used.
  • Start opentaps General Installation of Opentaps
  • Login with a test ID and password provided in the release download, and evaluate opentaps in more detail for your company.

The following sections of the User Guide provide more information about the main topics for an opentaps production installation, and detailed guides for installation steps.

opentaps Production Server Installation and Configuration

When a production implementation is being contemplated, it is important to consider all of the factors that determine your business needs, and which may also point toward a successful implementation project. We suggest these User Guide sections to help in planning your project:

Also, notice that at the end of the Step-By-Step Configuraton section, there is a section about tuning the server memory and cache settings for the best opentaps performance results, opentaps Performance Tuning Recommendations.