Installing opentaps for Production or for Evaluation

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opentaps is a server based, enterprise class business management system that provides comprehensive real-time support for the business users who may be located anywhere that internet connectivity is available. Users access the services that opentaps provides by using their own computer and web browser software to make a secure connection to the opentaps server computer. All of the critical business information and services they may need are provided by the server installation, and nothing need be stored on remote or portable devices which could be compromised.

Installing opentaps is an exercise in providing and configuring a set of resources to enable the reliable and secure delivery of these business services for a particular company. Choices need to be made about the kind and size of server computer to host opentaps, the software stack to be installed (Linux, Windows, OS-X), the database software to use, and the business specific configuration required.

For first look evaluation of opentaps you can take a look at the demonstration server site located at [opentaps demo server]

For evaluation testing purposes, it can be very easy to get an opentaps system running on a variety of platforms, like this:

  • Install the Java "SDK" release needed for your test computer, from the Java community software download site.
  • Download the pre-built opentaps release from the software distribution site, [opentaps download site]
  • Unpack the opentaps download into a directory on your operating system.
  • Point your operating system to the directory you used.
  • Start opentaps Step by Step Guide
  • Login with a test ID and password provided, and evaluate opentaps in more detail for your company.

The following sections of the User Guide provide more information about the main topics for an opentaps production installation, and detailed guides for installation steps.