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By default, the opentaps CRM application will store all incoming emails and wrap the email around an activity. It will then lookup the parties, both internal and external, associated with the email addresses in the From, To, CC, and BCC (for archiving of outgoing emails) and relate them to the activity as participants. It will then look for keyword strings in the subject line to associate the email with cases and orders. By default, the strings are

   [Case: DemoCase1]
   [Order: 10000]

If you use a standard email address for inquiries, such as customerservice@mycompany.com, you can have all the emails coming into that address be automatically owned by one of your users. Simply go to that user's profile, add the email address to them, and add the purpose "Owner of Received Emails". Then, set the default CRM email listener on this email address, and opentaps CRMSFA will automatically pull in all emails sent to this address and associate them with the this user as the owner. If there are other recipients on the email, they will also be related to the email, but they will not be the owner. Only one user can be the "Owner of Received Emails" at any time.

This user can then go to Pending Emails Screen in CRMSFA and see all the emails which have been assigned to him, including those sent to the standard email address. Here, he can view the emails, respond to them, assign them to someone else, mark them as completed, or delete the emails. If the emails are assigned to another user, it will show up on their Pending Emails Screen as well. Once an email is marked as completed, it will disappear from Pending Emails Screen and can no longer be assigned, modified, or deleted.

User Manual page > Setup for opentaps email Handling