Fulfilling Orders for Services

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Orders for services or other nonphysical products do not have inventory reserved against them and would not have to be packed to be invoiced. Instead, they can be processed in the following manner:

  1. approved the order as you normally would
  2. when the services have been performed and are ready to be invoiced, use the Mark as Performed Screen to mark the service order items as "performed." Then, use the Invoice Performed Order Items to create a new sales invoice for these items.

Each time this link is used, a new sale invoice will be created for the items that have been recently marked as performed, and then the items will be marked as completed. If your order's products store's "autoApproveInvoice" flag is set to "Yes", then your sales invoice will be automatically set to Ready and posted to the ledger, and it would no longer be modifiable. Therefore, if you wish to edit your invoices, set this flag to "No."