Finding the Product Inventory

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Finding the Product inventory Locations

When you have product inventory in storage and you want to find out where it is physically located, proceed as follows:

* From the Main Navigation screen, Click: Warehouse Icon > Inventory Tab
* Click: [Find Inventory Item] in the Shortcut Box
* Enter only the Product ID (all or the first part of it) or Enter the Internal Name
* Click: [Find Inventory Item] at the bottom of the form

A screen opens listing all of the Inventory Items for the Product ID you specified.

Refer to Find Inventory Item Screen

Finding the Products at a Specified Location

Enter or lookup only the Location number instead of the Product ID or name in the third step.

When you click [Find Inventory Item] a screen opens listing all the inventory items for all of the products at this location, rather than all of a specified product items only.