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* To access View Shipment Screen from the Main Navigation screen:
* Click: [Warehouses] Icon > [Shipping] button > [Outgoing Shipments] link
* The Find Shipments screen opens with a search box at the top and a list of current
  outgoing shipments at the bottom.
* Click on an order id # in the first column to open the View Shipment screen.
* In the Items box, Click: Edit to open the Edit Shipment Items screen

This screen displays the items currently in the shipment, and allows you to add or remove items.

To remove an item from the shipment, if the order is not yet packed, click the [Delete] button next to the shipment item.

To add a new item, if the order is not yet Packed, enter the appropriate information into the following fields next in the "New Item" row:

* Product ID - Enter the internal product ID for the item you are adding to the shipment.  
* Quantity - Enter the number of units of the item you are adding to the shipment. 
* Description - This optional field allows you to enter a brief description of the item to
  distinguish it from other items in the shipment.  

Clicking the [Create] button will add the item to the shipment. Clicking the [View Shipment] button will save the updated information and return you to the View Shipment Screen.

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