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This screen allows you to edit the bill of materials for the manufacturing of a product.

Clicking the [Bill of Materials] button will take you to the Bom Simulation Screen for the product you are manufacturing. Clicking the [Show BOM] button will show information about the components of this item and products of which this item is a component.

You may edit the BOM using the following fields:

  • Bom Type - This is the type of process you are analyzing (either an "Engineering Bom" or a "Manufacturing Bom"). Select the correct Bom simulation type using the drop down menu.
  • Product ID - This is the product you are manufacturing. Enter the internal ID of the product manually or seach for it using the lookup widget.

Product ID To

  • From Date - (Will be set to now if empty)
  • Thru Date
  • Sequence Num
  • Reason
  • Instruction - This field allows you to enter any relevant instructions for the manufacturing of the product.
  • Quantity - This is the number of units of the product created.
  • Scrap Factor % - This is the percentage of the materials that is left over after the product is manufactured.
  • Formula - Select the formula for the Bom simulation to use (for example, "Example bom formula (qty * k)" or "Bom formula for linear components") using the drop down menu.
  • Routing Task