Create Sales Invoice Screen

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This screen allows you to create an invoice for an order placed by or for a customer. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:

  • To Party - Enter the internal ID of the party you are invoicing manually, or search for the party using the lookup widget.
  • Currency - Select the relevant currency from the drop down menu. Please note that the currency will be set to the customer's pre-configured default currency.
  • Invoice Date - This is the date and time that the invoice is created. You may enter the date manually or by using the lookup widget. Select the time by using the drop down menus.
  • Due Date - Enter the date and time that the invoice is due.
  • Reference Number - This field allows you to create reference number for the invoice.
  • Description - This field allows you to enter a brief description of the invoice to distinguish it from other invoices.
  • Message - This field allows you to enter a message along with the invoice for the customer.

Clicking the [Create] button will create the sales invoice and take you to the Sales Invoice Screen. If you already have an invoice to the same party with the same reference number, you will get a warning message to prevent you from entering a duplicate invoice. You can still create an invoice with a duplicate reference number by clicking on [Force Create].