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Creating a New Contact

The Create Contact screen allows you to add new contacts to your contact list with more complete details than the quick add section that appears on every page within the Contact section of Opentaps. Enter the appropriate contact details into the following fields:

  • First Name/Last Name - This is the full name of the contact, and is a required field to create the lead.
  • First Name (Local) / Last Name (Local) - This is the contact's name in his or her local language.
  • Preferred Currency - This indicates the preferred currency for the lead. Select the currency from the drop down menu. The default is set during CRM/SFA Configuration.
  • Initial Account - Enter the initial accounts internal name, or click the lookup widget to bring up a Find Account screen. You can search for the account by name or phone number, or select the account from the list on the Find Account screen.
  • Description - Enter any relevant information about the contact in the field provided.
  • Important Note - This field allows you to make important notes about a contact, so that any critical information you would like noted any time the contact is viewed will be distinct from the contact description.
  • The following input fields are to record additional information for your benefit:
    • Salutation - This is the preffered greeting for the lead.
    • Birth Date - Indicates the lead's birth date. Enter the birth date manually or search for it using the calendar widget.
    • Title - Indicates the relevant title the lead has at his or her company.
    • Department - Indicates which department within the lead's company he or she works in.

The Create Contact screen also allows you to enter the relevant phone, email, and primary address information.