Create A New User, Step-By-Step

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Create New User: These step-by-step instructions can be followed to create a new user. We advise against collecting personal information that you do not absolutely need for your business.

Create the New User

a.  Using the web browser specified by your Tech open your opentaps login page
b.  Click the main navigation tab:   Parties & Users 
c.  Login using your administrative user ID and password
d.  Click the create tab:   Create
e.  Click the link:  Create New Person
f.  On the form enter the two required fields, First Name, and Last Name
g.  Complete all necessary profile information that you need, and can protect
      (Name is required; other items can be edited later.) 
h.  Click Save – at bottom of screen:  [Save]
       The profile summary screen opens and displays a new user ID number at the top.

Add User Roles for Their Job Functions

i.  Click the Role(s) tab at top of the screen:  Role(s)
j.  In the Member Roles box, click the drop down box and select a role to add. 
k.  Click the Add button:  [Add]
l.  Add additional roles required for the user.  If your user will become a Sales
       Team or Account Team member then specific roles and security group
       associations are required.  Refer to Creating New Team Members for more

Add New User Login and Security Groups

m.  Click the Profile tab at top of page:  Profile
       Look down the page to find the Contact Information box. You can start creating
       the contact information for your new user anytime, using this box and the
       button: [Create New]
n.  Create the new user's Login/Password info.  Look down the page for User Name(s)
       Click: [Create New] on the right hand side of the section.
p.  Fill in a new User Login ID (a login name)
q.  Provide the Password in the two spaces provided (for verification)
r.  Still in the User Name(s) box, click:  [Security Groups]
s.  Click drop down - - Add Security Group(s) to this User Login consistent with
       their assigned Roles (actual job responsibilities), plus any Role that they
       will be assigned within the Account Teams if this is relevant.  
t.  If the user will be a Warehouse Team member then you must assign them one of the
       security groups beginning with [WRHS_...].  Also, see the note at the end of this page.
t.  Click:  [Add] to assign the security group. 

This completes the minimum user creation steps.

Note: Configuring the Warehouse Personnel

It is necessary to perform an additional security configuration step that enables them to function in the selected Warehouse, as follows:

* If needed change the warehouse selected to the one for this team member,
* Click: [Change] in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select the warehouse.
* Open the screen: Warehouse > Configuration Tab > [Team Members] button.
* Enter or Lookup the team member Party ID
* Select a Role for the team member.
* Click: [Add] to add the party to the selected Warehouse Team.
* For access to work in another warehouse, repeat this for each additional Warehouse and 
     associated Warehouse Team that the Party needs to access.

Manual Pages > Managing Users: Disabling, Changing Security or Permissions

Section Pages > Accounting, Ledger, Payment Methods, Time Periods, Taxation Entities, Initial Values