Managing Users: Disabling, Changing Security or Permissions

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Changing User Security Groups or Permissions

If you need to remove a user's access to a particular process or application, find the user in Party Manager and edit the security groups for that user's Login ID. Remove or expire one or more of the security groups associated with the Login ID. Follow these steps to do this.

1 Click: Parties & Users > Party > the page opens to [Find Party]
2 Enter a unique description of the user name, ID, etc in the boxes, then click: [Lookup Party]
 The page opens to the Parties Found box.  
3 Click on the Party ID column for the search result you wanted to find.
 The Party Profile page opens. Look down the page for the User Name(s) box.
4 Click the [Security Groups} button. The page opens to display Security Groups assigned to User ID
Look in the Edit UserLogin Security Groups box that opens.
5 Remove the Security Group entries that provide access to applications in question, 
Click: [Remove]

Note: For each Security Group entry in the box, you can view all of the detailed application permissions by clicking on the Security Group name button, in the Group box. This displays the Edit Security Group with ID [name_button] page. Sometimes you may need to look at this permission detail in order to figure out which security group to remove from your User ID.

Rule: You should not remove permissions from the Edit Security Group with ID box unless you want to change the permissions for every user who has this Security Group associated with their own ID. If you must modify permissions within a Security Group for just some specific set of users, you can create and use a new Security Group for that purpose.

Create A Custom Security Group If you have User(s) that require a set of permissions not found in an existing Security Group List, you can create a group to use by following this sequence of steps:

1 Click: Parties & Users > Party > [Security] > [New Security Group]
2 Enter a name for your security group, and a description for this unique group. Click: [Update]
The Security Group List page opens. Find your new name in this list and click on its name button  
3 Click: [your_new_group_name] in the list.
4 The Edit Security Group with ID page opens. Now Click: [Permissions]
The Permissions ID drop down box lists all the permissions available on the whole system.
5 Select a permission in the drop down box, and Click: [Add]
6 Continue to add the needed permissions until you have completed your new Security Group permissions.
7 Now assign your User ID to use this new Security Group.  Click: [User Logins] button
8 Enter or look up the User ID and any date and time for the user's access and Click: [Add].
If you enter no date and time the access becomes effective immediately and does not end.

Disabling A User Completely If you need to disable a user completely, find that user in the Party Manager, then click on the [Edit] button next to his User Login, and change the "Enabled" flag to "N".

Rule: Do not enter a Disable Date Time value or the User Login will be re-enabled automatically 15 minutes after this date & time. The Disabled Date Time is only used for temporarily disabling a User Login, when an incorrect password is entered too many times.

Manual Pages > Security permissions for users

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