Configure the Store Payment Processing Services

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Store Payment Processing Services configuration is for Technical System Admins, and usually will be a challenge for the non-technical System Administrator or a User to accomplish.

To access the configuration page for Stores, from the Main Navigation screen, proceed as follows:

Click: [Catalog] Icon > [Store] > [Payments] Tab,
The "Edit Product Store Payment Setup" opens.

This page is used to configure the technical services (software) which is used by the system to process the Store payments of various types. This configuration requires the Technical System Administrator skills. The following User Guide sections provide some additional help for configuring the underlying payment processing services which support the configurations that are set up.

Check-out,_Shipping_and_Payment_Methods << Manual Pages >> Order_Status,_Order_History,_and_Online_Cancellation_Option

Your_Customer's_Online_Shopping_Experience << Section Pages >> Marketing_Functionality_in_the_Online_Web-Site_Store