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This screen will create a new warehouse and set it up as a Backup Warehouse for an existing warehouse. Note that the primary warehouse facility cannot be created with this screen.


To create a new Backup Warehouse proceed as follows:

* Name: Name of your new warehouse
* Owner: Internal ID of the organization (a Party Group ID) which owns the inventory of 
  this warehouse.  It could be a unit of your company, or one of your vendors, or a special third 
  party inventory warehouse company.
* Currency: Currency of the inventory held in this warehouse.
* Inventory Item Type: Specifies whether the inventory is serialized or non-serialized.  
  By default, it will be the same as that of the existing primary warehouse.
* Initial Manager: The party who will be the initial manager of this warehouse, for receiving 
  inventory and such.  This user should have been configured already as a warehouse manager.
* Priority: Priority sequence of this warehouse versus other backup warehouses, 1 being the 
  first backup warehouse to pull inventory from.
* From Date and Thru Date are the dates when this warehouse will be active as a backup 
* When the entries are complete, Click: [Add New]

The following explains what is configured by this procedure:

  • The system will create a new warehouse, and set it as backup to your selected primary warehouse.
  • It's inventory will be owned by the new Owner party you specified, and
  • Your current organization well be configured as a "receive inventory for" party of this new warehouse.
  • The initial manager you identified will be the manager of the new warehouse.
  • If the owner has a Shipping Location address specified, the system will make that the initial shipping origin and destination location of the warehouse. If not, it will look for a General Location business address in the Owner profile.

You must now edit the addresses, contact information, and other details of your new warehouse using the Warehouse application located at:

* Warehouse > Configuration Tab > [View Warehouse] button which supports [Update] of 
  all the data.