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The "View Warehouse" screen provides a way to update or add information about the selected Warehouse, but the facility cannot be created here.

To access this screen from the Main Navigation screen,

* Click: Warehouse Icon > Configuration Tab
* The View Warehouse screen opens.  There is also a [View Warehouse] button in the Shortcut Box.

The screen presents a basic information box, and a Contact Information box.

Update Basic Information

The basic information includes the following editable items:

  • Name -- the Warehouse name but not the ID can be changed here
  • Facility Type -- specify that the facility is a warehouse, store, or other option
  • Square Footage
  • Owner -- Ownership of the Warehouse and Inventory is specified by this Party Group ID
  • Inventory Item Type -- determines the default inventory item type for the warehouse (Serialized or Non-Serilaized)
  • Default Weight Unit -- for this warehouse if required for an inventory item
  • Default Days to Ship -- lead time for shipping something from the warehouse.

To update basic information in this box:

*  Enter new data in the fields provided
*  Click: [Update]

Add or Update Contact Information

The Contact Information box provides for updating [Update], removing [Expire] or adding [Add New] contact info for the warehouse.

*  Click: [Update] or [Add New] to open a "Contact Information" form.
*  For a new contact, Select Contact Type in the drop down box, and Click: [Create]
*  Enter or edit the information for the type of contact opened:
    For example, a postal address will require these items:
     Contact Purpose -- an existing contact will have this item listed, also see below.
     To Name	
     Attention Name	
     Address Line 1
     Address Line 2  	
     Zip/Postal Code
*  Click: [Save]
*  Enter or Edit: "Contact Purposes" fields 
   You can [Delete] or [Add] a contact purpose from the drop down box.
*  Click: [Save] when all entries are completed.

The system will use the address types you supply for the various purposes, and if an address is not specified for a purpose the system will default to an address that is supplied.