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This page allows you to view the production run and allows you to manage the production run. The screen is divided into the following sections:

Production Run

This section of the production run screen shows the general information about the production run including the following fields:

  • Product Name - This is the name and internal ID of the product of the production run.
  • Status - This is the current status of the production run.
  • Qty To Produce - This is number of units of the product to be produced.
  • Estimated Start Date/Calculated Completion Date - This is the estimated start date and the completion date calculated by the system.
  • Start Date/Completion Date - This is the actual start and completion date of this production run.
  • Production Run Name - This is the name given by the user for this production run.
  • Description - This is a general description of the production run to distinguish it from other production runs.
  • Produced - This is the number of units of the product that were produced.
  • Rejected - This is the number of units of the product that were rejected.

The following buttons are also available in this section:

  • [Print] - Clicking this button will print a .PDF of this production run
  • [Schedule] - Clicking this button will schedule this production run on your manufacturing calendar.
  • [Confirm] - Clicking this button will confirm that the production run has now started.
  • [Cancel] - Clicking this button will cancel the production run.


This section of the "View Production Run" screen shows a list of the tasks in sequence of when they are being run and their current status. If there are no currently active tasks, then the first task which could be started should have a [Start] button next to it. Click on [Start] to commence this task.


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