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  • To View or Edit a Production Run, navigate to this screen from the
   Main Navigation screen as follows,
* Click: [Warehouse] Icon > [Manufacturing] Tab >  [Find Production Run] button,
* Search for the Production Run using the criteria displayed, or enter nothing to see
   all Production Runs in the system,
* Click: [Find] to open the list of Production Runs that meet your search criteria.
* In the list, Click: the desired Production Run link.

The View Production Run screen opens displaying a view the production run, with options for editing some of the items. Also, it offers a number of functional buttons you will use to manage the "Status" of the production run as you begin to execute the run. The screen is divided into the following sections:

Production Run Info Box

This section of the production run screen shows the general information about the production run including the following fields, some are not shown until the run is executed:

  • Product Name - This is the opentaps Catalog Manager Name and Product ID of the product being manufactured in this production run.
  • Status - This is the current status of the production run, also see Managing Production Runs for details about the Status definitions.
  • Qty To Produce - This is number of units of the product to be produced.
  • Start Date - This is the specified start date.
  • Calculated Completion Date - This is the completion date calculated by the system, see the Note below.
  • Production Run Name - This is the name given by the user for this production run.
  • Description - This is a general description of this production run to distinguish it from other production runs.
  • Produced - This is the number of units of the product that were produced.
  • Rejected - This is the number of units of the product that were rejected.

Production Run Control Buttons

The following buttons are also available in this section, some are displayed initially, others are delayed later during execution of the run:

  • [Print] - Clicking this button will print a .PDF of this production run
  • [Schedule] - Clicking this button will schedule this production run on your manufacturing calendar, verifying that assets are available.
  • [Confirm] - Clicking this button will confirm that the production run is ready to start at the date and time shown.
    • The initial routing task will be started and BOM materials will be used based upon either a manual or automatic start signal as explained in [Managing Production Runs].
  • [Cancel] - Clicking this button will cancel the production run, if it has not been started yet.
  • [Revert] - This button will Reverting_a_Production_Run that has already started running.
  • [Close] - After the production run has been completed and the products have been claimed for inventory, you can click on the [Close] button to mark the production run as closed.
    • If your organization uses standard costing, this will cause the difference between the actual production costs and your standard costs of the inventory produced to be charged off to a inventory cost variance account. Otherwise, closing a production run is purely for your convenience.

Routing Tasks List

This section of the "View Production Run" screen shows the list of routing tasks in sequence they will be run, or have been run. Task estimated run times are displayed. If there are no currently active routing tasks, then the first task which could be started will have a [Start] button next to it. Click on [Start] to commence this routing task when ready to run it.

Materials by Routing Task

This section lists the raw materials for this production run grouped by the routing task where they will be issued to the run. This linkage of materials to routing tasks is discussed in Bill Of Material.

In this Production run section, you can view the listed raw materials that will be issued according to the quantities specified in the [Bill Of Materials] for the finished product, and you can also update the quantity of each item to issue additional raw materials to replace defective parts, or in case additional parts are needed.

Fixed Assets by Routing Task

This section lists the fixed assets associated with each routing task, and provides edit capability for effective dates, allocated costs for using the asset, and comments.

Production Run Notes

Note 1 -- About Calculated Completion Dates

There is an algorithm that computes the time needed to complete the each and every task in the production run, in the following way:

* totalTaskTime = setupTime + taskTime * neededQuantity
     * setupTime and taskTime are set in the Routing Task definition
     * neededQuantity is the quantity you enter when you create the production run.

Then, the total calculated time needed to complete the production run is the sum of all the individual task totalTaskTimes. Obviously this is a simplification of the real world, and would need to be adjusted by many other factors to get a realistic end date for a run.

Note 2 -- About Claiming Production Run Output

In opentaps 1.4 and later, if your organization uses Standard Costing and the finished product has standard costs defined, then you will be able to receive products from the production run as soon as the production run has been confirmed. Otherwise, you have to wait until the production run is completed to receive the output of the production run.