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This screen allows you to view and modify agreements that you have created for your organization's partners. The page is divided into the following sections:

Partner Agreement Details

This section will display the general information about the partner agreement, including the following details:

  • Type - This is the type of agreement you have created (for example, "Partner").
  • Status - This is the current status of the agreement (for example, "Rejected" or "Active").
  • From Party - This is the party forming the partnership (typically your organization).
  • To Party - This is the partner relevant to the agreement.
  • From/Thru Date - This specifies the time period the partner agreement pertains to.
  • Description - This is a brief description to distinguish the partner agreement from other agreements.

This section also contains the following buttons:

  • [Cancel] - Clicking this button will cancel the agreement and remove all functionality from the screen so that you may no longer modify the agreement.
  • [Complete] - This button will only appear if the partner agreement is active. Clicking this button will change the status of the agreement to "Completed". The terms of the agreement will no longer apply to your organization's sales. This will also remove all functionality from the screen so that you may no longer modify the agreement.
  • [Edit] - Clicking this button will take you to a new screen where you can update the partner agreement information.

Payment Terms

See Payment Terms.

Commission Rate Schedule

This section allows you to define the commission rate earned by the partner. Select the term type first and the fields for that term type will appear:

  • Flat commission rate on entire order - This is a flat percentage commission for the entire order or invoice, excluding tax and shipping and handling charges but including any discounts or adjustments on the order or invoice. The term value is a percentage number--for example, "10" means 10% of the total invoiced amount. Enter the percentage number into the "Term Value" field.
  • Commission for each product in a category - This allows you to specify a commission rate for each product in a product category. The term value defines the percentage of commission ("10" being 10%), the min and max values define the minimum and maximum quantity of that product sold for which this commission is applicable, and the category is the product category ID. For example, if a partner sells between 1 to 10 units of a product in category A, he would earn a 10% commission. If he sells between 11 and 20 units, he would earn a 12% commission, and so forth.
  • Commission for all products in a category - This is similar to "commission for each product in a category" except that the commission quantity break points are calculated for all the products on the invoice which belong in a category. For example, if products 100 and 200 both belong to category A, and the agent sells 5 units of 100 and 6 units of 200, under "commission for each product in a category" he would be eligible for 10% commission on both products, but under "commission for all products in a category" he would be eligible for a 12% commission on the total value.

Refer to User Manual section Working with Partners