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The "View Lead" screen is divided into 9 distinct sections:


The Lead section has more detailed information about the lead, as well as the following basic buttons:

  • [Duplicate Lead] - This allows you to create an identical lead listing that can be used to either store alternate information on a lead, or to assign the same lead to multiple team members.
  • [Qualify Lead] - This will change the status of the lead to "Qualified", meaning the lead has been confirmed as a valid or interested lead. Once the lead has been qualified you can then convert it into an account. If you have qualified the lead, the button will become a [Convert Lead] button.
  • [Convert Lead] - If a lead a is qualified this button will appear in lieu of the [Qualify Lead] button. Clicking [Convert Lead] will take you to the Convert Lead Screen.
  • [Edit] - This will allow you to modify the lead description.
  • [Delete] - This will delete the entry from the opentaps system.
  • [Reassign] - This will reassign the lead to another team member.


This section indicates one or more sources which generated the lead. To add a source, select the appropriate type (for example "Cold call" or "Self Generated") from the drop down menu and click the [Add] button.

Marketing Campaign

This section of the "View Lead" screen will list any marketing campaigns applied to the lead with the date and time the campaign was noted in opentaps. It also allows you to add a "New Marketing Campaign" by selected it from the drop down menu and clicking [Add].

Contact Information

The "Contact Information" section details all of the contact data. Clicking the [Create Address], [Create Phone Number], [Create Email], and [Create Web URL] buttons will take you to the appropriate create contact information screen.

Clicking the [Update] button next to the relevant field will take you to the edit contact information screen. To expire contact information so that it is no longer used, click the [Expire] button next to the relevant contact data. Please note: contact information is never erased, only removed from view/use.


The "Opportunities" section is only displayed once a Lead is qualified. Clicking the [Create New] will take you to the Create Opportunity Screen.

Pending Activities

The "Pending Activities" section lists activities that have been created but have not yet been completed, and details the activity's type, purpose, activity, status, scheduled date, and due date.

Clicking [New Event] will link you to the create event screen of the Activities section of opentaps CRM. Similarly, clicking [New Task] will link you to the create task screen of the Activities section.

Activities History

The "Activities History" section lists previous activities that have already been completed. Like the "Pending Activities" section, you can sort the list alphabetically/sequentially by clicking on any of the header categories: "Type", "Purpose", "Activity", "Status", "Scheduled Date", and "Completion Date".

Clicking either the [Log Call] button or [Log Email] button will link you to the Log Task Screen of the Activities section of opentaps CRM, with the appropriate data fields to store the call or email information.

Catalog Requests

This section tracks information relating to previous catalog requests including date the request was taken, address the catalog was sent to, who the request was taken by, and whether the request has been fulfilled or not.

Bookmarks and Files

This section lists any previously bookmarked URLs or uploaded files (documents, images, etc.) relevant to the lead. Clicking the [Bookmark URL] button will prompt you with fields to enter the web address and a description of the URL or its relevancy. Clicking the [Upload File] button will prompt you with a field to enter the file name or browse your computer to find and select the file, and a field for a description of the file.


In this section you can make notes about a lead. Clicking the [Create New] button will take you to the "Create Note" screen, where you can enter the note into an information section. Click the [Create Note] button to save the note and return to the "View Lead Screen".