Create Opportunity Screen

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To create a new opportunity, enter the required data listed in red: opportunity name, either the account or lead for the opportunity, the initial stage of the opportunity (used to calculate the sales forecast), and the estimated close date.

You can also enter additional details including the initial contact, type of opportunity, estimated amount, the currency, marketing campaign, and the source of the opportunity. The description and next step fields allow you to make notes about the opportunity and detail the next step in closing the sale.

Click the [Create Opportunity] button to save the opportunity in opentaps. If you have not entered the required information or entered an account or lead that has not been created and saved in opentaps, you will be prompted with an error message indicating which field is inaccurate.

Please note: You can look up information for several fields on the "Create Opportunity" screen by clicking on the search icon next to the relevant field, using the calendar search, or the drop down menus.