Vendor Statement Screen

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This screen shows a statement of a vendor's account during a specified date range or a pre-configured fiscal time period. You may manually enter the "From" and "Thru" dates or search for the dates using the calendar widget. You may also use a fiscal time period by selecting it from the drop down menu. Select the Fiscal Type (for example, "Actual" or "Budgeted") from the drop down menu to run the vendor statement for actual results or for budget or forecast results.

Clicking the [Run] button will run the vendor statement. Clicking the [Return to Payables] button will take you back to the Payables Main Screen.

The statement shows the following

  • An initial balance, which is the vendor's balance at the beginning of the report period
  • Each transaction during this time period, showing:
    • A date and time
    • The type of transaction (Vendor Invoice, Vendor Payment)
    • A transaction number. Click on this link to see the transaction.
    • If the transaction is an invoice, a [PDF] link which allows you to print the invoice as a PDF
    • If you have permission to view transactions, a [Transaction] link to see the accounting entries of the transaction.
    • The amount of the transaction
    • The vendor's balance after this transaction
  • An ending balance at the end of the period