Using the Integrated Web-Site Store

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Using the integrated Web Site Store provided in opentaps requires that the following steps of configuration be completed:

  • Set up the Company's Products according to the section, Working_with_Products_in_the_Catalog. This includes set up for Products, Catalogs and related items.
  • Set up the Company's Virtual Store according to the section, Working_with_the_Product_Store(s). This is the basic "store" functionality that works with the front ends such as the Web Site Store.
  • Configure the programming options as follows:
    • Determine where the web browser will find the Web Store site,
      • The internet address (URL) and port of the Web Store site,
      • Configure the Web Site Store mount point on the web application server.
    • Configure the localization options for language and for taxation facilities.
  • Customer Shopping Functions -- Utilize the Web Site Store features that provide the Customer Shopping functions.
  • Marketing Features -- Utilize the Web Site Store features that provide Marketing capabilities.

In the following sections of the User Manual we will cover each of these topics in more detail.