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The Category Tabs provide many important functions that make the Categories a powerful tool for marketing presentation control, for example:

  • Categories can have their own set of descriptive content, used for web page presentation, and it is separate from any products they may contain.
  • When Categories contain a set of Sub-Categories which hold the products, then those Sub-Categories must be "attached" to their Parent Category using the [Rollup] Tab as discussed below.
  • Specific Parties such as Customers can be associated with the Category.

In the following section, we discuss the Category Tabs and the full range of options in how Categories can be used for marketing presentation.

Sub-Tab Functionality

The following sub-tabs provide for additional specification of a category:

  • Content -- The content tab is used to associate content created and managed by the content

management application with product categories. The page is intentionally very similar to the content tab for products.

  • Rollup -- Category “rollups” are used to define parent/child relationships between product

categories. This screen is split between “parent” and “child” categories. For example, if you have categories of Clothing, Men's Clothing, and Suits, then Clothing would be in the parent section of Men's Clothing, and Suits would be in the child section. The “sequence” field is a sequence number which can be used to order the child categories for display.

  • Products -- This tab will show all the products which are members of this category. Each product

is identified by its product id, and you can click on the product id to go to this product. The sequence number is used for ordering the products for display.

  • Catalogs -- This tab shows what product catalogs this category is related to. For most product

categories, this page should be blank, as only a few categories should be related to product catalogs. For more information, see section on “Working with Catalogs.”

  • Features -- This tab allows associating product features with product categories. Not really used

by any standard application.

  • Parties -- This tab allows associating specific parties with product categories.

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