Using Categories to Organize Marketing Presentation

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Introduction to Defining a Category Step-By-Step

In this section we will discuss how to define a Category to suit your needs, with the Step-By-Step guides.

Creating or Accessing the Category

To Edit or Create a new Category,

* Click: on a Category in one of the left navigation boxes, or 
* Enter a Category ID in the "Catalog Administration Main Page" box,
      "Edit Category with Category ID:" field, and then,
* Click: either [Edit Category] for an existing ID, or 
* Click: [Create New Category]
* The "Edit Product Categories" page opens.

Editing the Category Definition

Once you click on a category on the Catalog Manager in a left-side navigation menu, or enter a category id to edit or create a new category, the "Edit Product Categories" (which is the main category page) will open. This page shows the following Category definition and general information items, each of which can be edited as required.

* Edit items on the list as needed.
* Click: [Update] at the bottom of the "Edit Product Categories" box to save changes.
  • Product Category ID (categoryId) -- the system ID for this particular category,
  • Product Category Type -- the type of the category describing how you plan to use it in marketing processes,

The following content items are used when the Category is presented on the Web Store screen:

  • Name -- Name of the Category that will be shown on the Web Store
  • Product Description -- Description of the Products to be found in the Category
  • Category Image URL -- Where is the Category Image stored (Insert Default Image URL)
    • Image format is specified by using one of these buttons -- [.jpg] [.gif] or [Clear] means erase.
    • Link One Image URL -- Image to use for a Category link (Insert Default Image URL) [.jpg] [.gif] [Clear]
    • Link Two Image URL -- Image to use for a Category link (Insert Default Image URL) [.jpg] [.gif] [Clear]
  • Detail Screen -- Specifies where the Category presentation format XML page is located in the following (linux example) format,
    • component://ecommerce/widget/CatalogScreens.xml#categorydetail
    • This is an optional entry, for use by the Technical System Administrator. This entry can be left blank. Please, refer to the following note: Detail Presentation Template.
  • Primary Parent Category -- a primary parent category where this category is attached. This parent category must also be specified in the
    • [Category] > [Rollup] tab in addition to the entry here.
* WARNING: The primary parent category defines the primary parent of a
  category. An entry made on this "Edit Product Cagetory" page does not
  automatically add the current category as a child of the parent category.
  That has to be done in the [Rollup] tab at the top of the page. 

About the Product Category Type

The Product Category Type is used to define what the intended purpose of the category is, and the associated actions that are available for the category. The most commonly used categories are for grouping products and they should be defined as “Catalog” type categories. The available Product Category Types are these:

  • Catalog –- a product catalog category containing products, other categories, and descriptive information.
  • Cross Sell
  • Industry
  • Internal
  • Materials
  • Mix and Match
  • Products in this kind of category qualify for commissions
  • Quick Add–- products in these categories can be added all at once to a Web Site order.
  • Search
  • Tax -- a category that aids in the application of tax based on geography.
  • Usage

Detail Presentation Template

The (presentation) detail template, found at the location (a path relative to the ecommerce application component) specified in the "Detail Screen" entry if provided, is a freemarker template used for displaying this particular Category information to the Web Store visitors. This allows different product categories to have completely different presentation on the Web Store screens, a very useful marketing campaign feature.

Update Category Image

Duplicate A Product Category

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