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This is a new screen from opentaps 1.5M1 onwards. It allows you to upload all your sales leads from an Excel spreadsheet. The leads must be in the same format as the example spreadsheet which comes included with opentaps in opentaps/crmsfa/data/xls/lead_import_example.xls under the Leads tab of the spreadsheet. Do not change the name of the tab to anything else.

Once imported, all the leads will be owned by the user who imported them, but the user can transfer or reassign them to another user.

Note that unlike the data import application,

  • Leads will be imported immediately once your spreadsheet has been uploaded. They will not be stored in a temporary bridge table for later processing.
  • Importing leads is an "all or none" operation. All the leads will either be imported together, or none of the leads will be imported at all.